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Ingredients  Ingredients

Myotein is a protein blend containing whey protein isolate, whey protein hydrolysate and micellar casein. The advantage of this is that these ingredients offer different absorption rates leading to a continuous flow of protein to your muscles. In addition it also contains anabolic agents that increase protein sythesis and increse muscle building.

Sounds good right. Unfortunately, although the proteins in the blend seem like they are of a good quality it also contains several artificial sweeteners as well as salt.


Protein Content  Protein Content

Each serving (38g) contains 26g of protein which works out at almost 70% protein content.



Price wise it does work expensive at $1.38 per oz. Saying that you do get a blend of proteins, so if you are taking a whey and casein protein you can get them both here in one handy tub.


Taste & Mixability  Taste

It mixes and tastes fine.


Other Reviews  Other Reviews

Seems to get high marks on a lot of review sites (not sure if all the reviews are unbiased!!!) including 4.5 on Amazon. Personally I’d go for Myofusion or Sytha-6 ahead of Myotein due to it containing  several artificial sweeteners as well as salt.


Product Features

    • Contains 6 different types of protein to enhance your body
    • Contains the patented enzyme Aminogen which breaks down protein to increase absorption
    • Contains Coleus Forskohlii and 20-Hydroxyecdysterone to melt fat and replace it with Lean Muscle Mass
    • Is fortified with L-Glutamine & Mucuuna Pruriens to speed up muscle recovery
    • The perfect protein powder meal replacement for optimal weight management


Product Description

Myotein stands head and shoulders above the competition as a whey protein powder because it provides the most complete protein supplementation for your body! Myotein is the only protein powder on the market containing 6 DIFFERENT types of protein as part of its premium blend as well as supplemental ingredients such as Aminogen to increase absorption, Coleus Forskholii to burn fat, and 20-Hydoxyecdysterone to increase muscle mass and burn extra calories.

While other protein powders focus solely on protein concentration, Myotein focuses on Quality Of Ingredients and is the best tasting protein powder you’ll ever find. Formulated using 17 premium substances, Myotein promotes health and performance from every angle with its all-inclusive formula!

Myotein combines the highest-quality muscle building ingredients in its trainer-recommended blend to help you accomplish a total body transformation. Myotein is one of the most user-loved proteins because is provides the nutrients and energy you need to maintain a high-protein diet, fuel intense workouts, speed up muscle recovery, and build and maintain lean muscle mass.

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